Travelling tips


  1. One of the best tips I have used recently is to take a ‘phone photo of the relevant pages in my passport. This means if you lose it, you always have a record. I read this suggestion in a magazine in a hairdressers and can’t remember which one, but I can remember the tip!
  2. I also have photos of my grown up kids passports for that phone call you know you are going to get sometime from a beach in Thailand ‘Mummmmm…………I’ve lost my passport.
  3. Join hotel loyalty schemes for additional benefits and money off! yes I said money off! Being a member of the Le Club, Accor Hotel group has allowed me a night at a city centre in the UK for £26 and a free cocktail at the Novotel Bangkok bar.
  4. Tip as promised to Stanfords, my favourite travel and map shop!  A few years ago some friends told us that they were inline waiting to check in when a staffer asked if they were prepared to forgo their seats and get the next flight (presumably because they were over booked)! They said yes and were given free flights anywhere in the world.The next time we flew, we asked if the flight was busy at check in? Told them we were prepared to be bumped off……. With out more ado, we were checked into the Raddison Edwardian at Heathrow for the night complete with meal vouchers and given free flights anywhere in the world that the airline flew to.

    On our return we were bumped up to premium economy.

    Don’t mind if I do sir!