The Cape Town Hop on Hop Off at Camps Bay – a photoblog

img_6704Came across Camps Bay nearly by accident…oh yes I knew I was passing through Camps Bay on the Cape Town Hop On Hop Off Bus but I didn’t know that I was going to be compelled to get off the bus when I saw that glittery white sand and turquoise ocean. Yes it drew me off the bus, I clattered down the stairs and hopped right off.

I walked along the beach, flip flops off exfoliating my soles as I walked and paddled in the bone achingly cold Atlantic, it was worth every step and the reward was a cocktail at Sunset Sessions a beach front bar where we could see the huge waves rolling in.

The bus takes a dipping and winding road down to the coast  and drops passengers right by the beach. The Cape Town Hop On Hop Off Bus ticket is £7 a day for a two day ticket available at the office on the V and A Waterfront and I defy you to bypass Camps Bay! Here are a few photos.

5 thoughts on “The Cape Town Hop on Hop Off at Camps Bay – a photoblog

  1. What a fabulous beach, love wandering through the surf and just being in the moment. That beach doesn’t look too busy either which is even better. Camps Bay looks well worth a visit.

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