Three big tips for driving Chapman’s Peak

img_3437This was a highlight of my trip to South Africa and something I would willingly repeat should I get the chance to go again. Us women of a certain age love a good view, retiring early I had hoped to travel more but current COVID limitations means travel to South Africa is on hold from the UK, but I hope to get back there. Here are three things I wished I had  thought about before travelling especially number 2!

  1. Drive from Noordhoek to Houts Bay as you will be on the left side of the road with the best views.
  2. Check the Chapman’s Peak website before you go to make sure the Peak is open.
  3. Morning visit to Hout Bay might mean an opportunity to see the fishing fleet land their haul.

One of the highlights of our Cape Town trip was driving Chapman’s Peak ocean road. Driving from south to north i.e. from Noordhoek to Hout Bay means you are driving closest to the ocean hence a much better view. The first glimpse of the long and wide Noordhoek Beach is one view I will not forget, I was very disappointed not to have enough time to walk along it…..maybe next time.

Hout Bay – if you arrive in the morning you may have the opportunity to see fish being hauled on land and maybe a huge sea lion which was shifting awkwardly on the shore….. I kept well out of its way. There are stalls offering souvenirs and refreshments available with plenty of parking.


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