Cliff Walk and Bellevue Avenue – Walking in Newport, Rhode Island.



Just as it suggests a walk along the cliff path where the Atlantic Ocean meets Rhode Island.

Cliff Walk can be accessed via Memorial Boulevard in Newport  and immediately you are enjoying seascape views along Easton Beach to Easton Point…..but the real reason I walked the cliff path was to see the Mansions….some of which you can enter and gawk at real close. The legacy of the rich and wealthy of the Gilded Age, where the Vanderbilts summered and Scott Fitzgerald mingled.


Some of the buildings I saw included the Salve Regina University, Breakers, Rosecliff and Rough Point. The pathway is easy to navigate until you get to Ruggle Avenue where the going gets rough and you need to scramble over rocks. At this point I chose to  cut inland and continued to Rough Point via Bellevue Avenue.

After visiting Rough Point I returned to the town via Bellevue Avenue and was rewarded with close encounters of  Chepstow, Marble House, Chateau Sur Mer, Kingscote and The Elms. With fall leaves peaking this was a colourful Grey Traveller walk.

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