Provincetown:CapeCod – photoblog

7304BB20-195A-4B03-B2E1-991AA068D540.jpegProvincetown is located on the tip of Cape Cod and so worth the drive to the end of the arm which bends neatly at the elbow of Chatham  and reaches out into the Atlantic at Provincetown.

A colourful town with a couple of piers jutting out from a huge car park on Commercial Street. Visiting in the fall means no boat trips but you an still see a couple of yachts slip into the harbour or drink a mug of coffee and people watch.

Lots of independent stores and eateries and of course the clapboard buildings which are synonymous with New England.

When I return I would make time for walks on the numerous beaches and in the state parks which edge the tip of the cod, but meanwhile have to make do with the photo memories.

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