Rough Point,Rhode Island Newport

C9E18D19-A739-4295-B562-6E9721FD6D12We had planned to visit just one of the great Mansions of Newport (Breakers) but our hotel Gilded let us know that the day we were in Newport which was October 24th coincided with the Restoration Foundation Golden Birthday and entrance to Doris Dukes former home Rough Point was free.

So we walked the famous Cliff Walk, popped into Breakers and continued along Bellevue Avenue to the tip of the headland.

Rough Point describes the vantage point this house with the priceless views is built on. The point is the tip of the headland and the rocks are most definitely rough!

I loved her bedroom which was decorated in purple and mother of pearl but best of all I loved the views. Looking straight out on to  the Atlantic how cosy this home must have felt when the winter storm waves crashed on to the headland from either side.

Currently there is an exhibition displaying her love of David Webb  jewellery and like Breakers there were plenty of staff on hand to answer questions.

It is thanks to Doris Dukes’ forward thinking that many of Newport mansions are maintained and open to the public.

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