When other travellers let you down.

Do you sometimes feel betrayed  by other travellers, by those that don’t follow a moral code? I sympathise with airline and other transport staff, with people manning reception desks, that work in hotels, at attractions and other travel industry jobs who find themselves confronted by rude travellers or travellers that are just oblivious to the other people […]

Cambodian visa

Some two years ago having hot footed from London to Siem Reap via Bangkok I was pulled up short in my tracks by the faceless customs officials at Siem Reap International Airport. This was not the first time I had been to Cambodia, two years previously I made a seamless entry with the help of the […]

What does foreign mean to you?

As a traveller the daily prompt from wordpress is a gem, its right up my street! it’s foreign. So what does foreign mean to me? Something different, a different culture, something unknown, overseas, abroad, another country….the list could go on…..but I choose to interpret foreign as something very different to England and all that is English. Of […]

Do you have a travel talisman?

Do you have a travel talisman something that you carry to keep you safe whilst away from home? I have a broken gold St Christopher necklace which I keep in a tiny Christmas chocolate tin tucked into a purse which carries spare camera batteries and memory cards. It’s the only thing I have which was given […]

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire a photoblog.

This little picturesque town is a High Street of interesting and ancient buildings, Tudor style public houses and pretty cottages and clearly a town with a sense of past but also a town that welcomes foodies judging by the sumptuous and delicious menus displayed outside restaurants and pubs.  

The Great British Gin Festival – Winchester

The doors opened and gin drinkers surged in to grab a glass, a gin bible and the first glimpse of a bunting clad Winchester Guildhall which was playing host to a multitude of gins in an array of colours and quirky shaped bottles with fascinating names. It was an educational afternoon;I learned how to make […]


To a geographer the word meander means a bend in the river found in the middle course. Some great civilisations have settled up close to these bends and none more so than the likes of Luxor on the great River Nile which can be viewed from a cruising river ship. Highly knowledgeable Egyptologists  such as Abdul-Wahab Mohamed bring these areas to […]

How do you record your travels?

How do you record your travel…or maybe you don’t? I record mine via this blog and a scratch map…..but frankly my scratch map tells the tale that I haven’t really travelled that far and wide? Do you have a cork globe or maybe a travel app which counts the countries? Perhaps you have an old fashioned […]

My five top wonders of the world.

There can be no definitive top five  wonders of the world list …..oh there would be the usual contenders of Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty e.t.c. but then not everyone would have the opportunity to see them let alone agree with a top five list. It also begs the question top five natural wonders of the […]

The nearly A- Z of Seville.

Seville is an all year round city designed for the long weekend or mid week break. With temperatures a good 5 – 9 degrees warmer than England in December, it offers a welcome slice of sunshine from cold winters in the UK. Please feel free to add suggestions, especially for the letters that are missed.   Alcazar Palace. […]