Ocean Village Southampton – photoblog

I had an inkling that today would be good and that I would learn something new. Despite the fact that Southampton  is nearly on my doorstep it’s one of those places that I have driven by many times but in latter years not bothered to stop and investigate further. Ocean Village is as the name suggests a […]

Brendan Rendall – Africa Coast to Coast 2018

In June 2015 I had the good fortune to meet Brendan Rendall and Emma Timmis  whilst volunteering at FISS Friends of Malawi Independent Senior School in the rural area of Mulanje an hour and a half’s journey from Blantyre. Brendan was there preparing for his run a few weeks later. This run was no jog! It was a run of […]

Brideshead’s Oxford.

I must be getting old as I really enjoy Radio Four now!! Recently I was beside myself to find Brideshead Revisited being dramatised over five episodes and loved revisiting this favourite book. It made me review my recent Oxford photos and all the time I was playing that sombre music in my head. How easy […]

Plastic packaging – notes from a traveller.

I can’t write anything new about the environmental impacts of plastic waste, it’s very much on the political agenda and the current news. Landscapes can become visually unappealing, marine life can be affected and locals have to live with it. Many are worried not least people who are living near these toxic waste areas. We […]

Seminyak sunset, Bali.

     I have been lucky enough to travel through a few new countries in the last few years, each offering a new experience and mostly a magic moment. A magic moment for me in Bali was sitting watching the sun go down creating silhouettes of the Balinese going about their jobs or the tourists playing on the […]

Bitexco Tower – Saigon

When visiting a new city I always advise others to find the tallest landmark and get an aerial overview,it really gives you the lay of the land and given your time and budget means you can easily spatially work out your route round to catch the things that you want to see. I took my […]

An Phu, Saigon.

Whilst staying in HCMC I stayed in An Phu  and took some candid early morning shots. An Phu is in District 2, Saigon. A mainly residential area with blocks housing foreigners working their socks off in District 1 the upscale downtown hub. It’s also home to locals where wealthy villas rub shoulders with cramped alleyways of […]

What strategies have you adopted to allow you to travel?

What is your travel strategy  that enables you to travel instead of ‘work’? When does giving up your existing life to travel become possible?  I do know of people that have done this…. they tend to be couples, often more mature and usually with something to sell e.g. a house. Others rent out their home to provide a […]

Alligators in Louisiana

Not even a  blink of an eye did this alligator make as he came to look at us crazy sweaty tourists on a  boat in a Louisiana bayou. I have always had an unhealthy maybe some would say a morbid fascination with crocodiles and alligators and whilst my greatest fear would be to discover one in water that […]