What do you do when other passengers cause a problem?

IMG_7814I was in Business Class on a short haul flight and was surprised to see that there was no division or curtain between ‘us’ and ‘them’, ordinarily this would not be a problem ……………that was until a family with different values to mine and the others seated around plonked themselves behind me.

I am tolerant of children when travelling especially the very young as they have no idea why their ears might be hurting or why they have to be restrained in a small area and why nothing much is familiar around them…. obviously they are going to cry…..but I was subjected to earsplitting screams for the entire journey. Even that I don’t mind to a certain extent as I can understand a child is upset and the parents are unable to placate.

However what I do question is when they allow their older children to constantly kick the seats in front aka mine! It made what should have been a pleasant journey into one that I needed to escape from quickly.

…..the noise and uproar appeared to continue right through to baggage reclaim. I would love to reclaim the money I stupidly spent on Business Class.


4 thoughts on “What do you do when other passengers cause a problem?

  1. Travelling can be stressful can’t it, and usually that stress is caused by thoughtless fellow passengers unfortunately. It’s the thing i always slightly dread about flights anywhere, who I’ll get sitting behind and in front of me. Usually fine but occasionally ………………….

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    1. On the whole I like the travelling bit, the airports and flight etc….. but this recent experience brought it home to me how one or two people can affect loads of others. Don’t get me wrong I’ve travelled with children and know how tedious it can be for them and me! …. but you just hope other travellers have similar values!

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