The Grey Traveller’s 24hr Beatle experience in Liverpool.

IMG_7673If it was going to be an intense ‘eat all you can’ Beatle experience then  the Grey Traveller   had to stay at The Hard Day’s Night Hotel conveniently located in a central part of the city, handy for all the Beatle haunts.

Liverpool is clearly proud of its famous four sons and there are reminders of Beatles heritage everywhere. The hotel is located on the corner of Mathew Street, home of the Cavern Club; quiet during the day but heaving with bouncers, girls enticing customers into bars and of course the party goers. Having said this the hotel is far enough away not to be disturbed. There is a statue of John in the alley waiting for a selfie!

The interior of the hotel is decorated with glossy black and white photos of the fab four in their hey day. These are all pictures that those of you in the same age group as The Grey will have seen before on the front of newspapers or album covers.

The night that we were in, there was a duo singing sixties songs as well as some Beatle numbers…. you can not escape from the music but then you probably wouldn’t want to! As I laid my head down to sleep I was being watched over by a psychedelic John who assured me of sweet dreams, there are themed rooms to book but Paul was busy!

The Beatles Story  on Albert Dock is a record from school days, through Hamburg, USA and that final roof top scene on the Savile Row building. You can sit at a table in a mock up of the Cavern Club and see John’s white piano…….. poignant, sad, reflective, yes all of those emotions and then some. We can probably all remember the day John was shot.

The second part of the Beatle’s Story is in the ferry building, which exhibits 60’s music and Patti Boyd’s photography which is mainly of George and Eric Clapton.

Whilst in the ferry area I also took in the Museum of Liverpool  which has more than a passing nod to the Beatles and how they helped to shape the city …..and coming out of there the Beatles are standing tall and in the shape of some massive bronze statues and as I know that will be the nearest I will get to Paul…. yes a photo opportunity presented itself!

I missed out on a Beatle Bus tour, Penny Lane and Paul’s house but then that gives me the excuse to Get Back there. I make no apologies for the pun. What I will remember most about my flying trip to Liverpool is that iconic scouse accent and the friendliness of the people from the doorman at the hotel to the visiting manager at the Brasco Lounge .

See ya chuck and hopefully soon.





5 thoughts on “The Grey Traveller’s 24hr Beatle experience in Liverpool.

  1. We did the same iin April 2016 and added ” Looking Through a Glass Onion ” as well as a Beatles taxi tour -fantastic trip of a lifetime!

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