Cruising with Wightlink.

Wow what a fantastic experience pulling out of Portsmouth Harbour on a Wightlink Ferry last weekend, OK so the sun was shining on the The Grey Traveller but wow it’s been a long time since I have hopped over to the Isle of Wight and I live dead opposite infact I see it every day, I’m ashamed I haven’t visited more frequently.

The checking in and driving onto the ‘double decker’ parking area was a slick operation and we were soon welcomed aboard by hospitality staff on the lounging deck.

Oh times have changed since I last sailed over, the lounge is plush and seated with very comfortable cushioned chairs and settees. If you are lucky like us you can get a window view whilst enjoying your coffee.

So we sailed out of the harbour and got some great views of Gunwharf Quays and the round tower at Old Portsmouth. The great weather had brought out lots of yachts who appeared to be circling Spitbank Fort……. and other sunny spots on The Solent. ………..And all too soon we had arrived in Fishbourne and equally slickly we had disembarked.

Our mini break on the island had started the minute we had arrived at the ferry terminal so thank you Wightlink I won’t leave it so long next time!

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