A cool start to a hot Miami morning.

A good concierge can help you get the most out of a short stay and the concierge at the Biltmore Hotel did just that. We wanted an early morning walk before our long flight home and he packed us off with a map, directions and a good place for coffee. The Biltmore is in Coral Gables a lush green district of Miami, wide avenues and upscale residences line the roads leading up to this grand old lady of a hotel and it’s along these avenues we walked ’til we reached Miracle Mile and stopped for coffee.

We headed north up Columbus Boulevard and passed a cute church with a bell tower that we would have liked to have entered but we were way too early in the day, perhaps another time maybe.

Once we reached the wide Coral Way we turned right and followed our noses until we reached the first of the upscale shops in Miracle Mile . Apart from some lush grand houses with equally verdant gardens we passed  Merricks House a historic tribute to the man that established this unique Mediterranean style district all those years ago. The house is open for visitors to see.

We also passed City Hall worth more than a glance and being a Saturday we saw plenty of early golfers on the course alongside Coral Way.

….and so we happen stanced on the Patagonia delicatessen where we slavered over pastries in the cool cabinet and drank a rich cappuccino with other early morners before we made our way back. ……. The cafe provided a lovely blast of air con as by now a bit of a sheen of perspiration was accompanying me!

 The Coral Gables area of Miami is worth a visit in its own right, it boasts a beautiful Italianete swimming pool (the Venetian Pool), plenty of shops and is only 20 minutes from the airport. Of course even if you are not staying at The Biltmore you have to visit, it boasts the biggest hotel pool, a beautiful lobby and a choice of restaurants as well as its golf course. Just standing in front of it is awe inspiring with its high bell tower and sweeping entrance.

So thanks Mr Concierge I wished I had taken your name……and so long until the next time I find myself in southern Florida.

P.S. Us  mature travellers need to stretch our legs before a long flight, we get stiff enough as it is!


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