Why I never travel without argan oil!

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Until five years ago I hadn’t ‘met’ argan oil but a visit to Marrakech changed all that. After exploring the myriad of narrow alleyways in the souks I found myself resting in a store offering a range of natural products for almost any complaint! I came home with argan oil and haven’t looked back since! Once my bottle had been used I looked around online for a source to supply me with this wonder oil and I found Simply Argan.

Argan Oil should be on every travellers packing list! I use it as a facial and body moisturiser, particularly useful if skin is dry from sun, too much swimming or cold weather.  I allow it to ‘sink in’ to my skin before applying make up and love the feel of it. You don’t need too much as one ‘squirt’ is certainly enough for The Grey Traveller’s  face!

I also use it to massage into hair when it’s dry before washing, it brings it back to life again particularly useful if you have been in the sun or swimming, it acts as a great treatment. I also rub it into my nails for added nourishment.  There are different sized bottles to suit hand bag or suitcase and it’s contained in a sleek cylindrical bottle with an easy to use pump.

So one bottle fits all for this traveller, I don’t leave home without it! If you would like to try any of Simply Argan’s products at a discount price use code AQ415M at the online check out to enjoy a 10% reduction.*

* As an affiliate of Simply Argan I earn commission from each sale.






16 thoughts on “Why I never travel without argan oil!

  1. I managed to poach some argan oil shampoo from my hotel in Marrakech and was pretty stoked to find an Argan oil product for free. Never heard of it before Morocco so I was surprised how much people wanted it, but I can see why now.

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  2. Great tip! Dry skin is not a problem for me but one thing I always travel with are caribiner clips (those things rock climbers use) and safety pins. I keep the clips in my daybag and the safety pins hooked onto the edges of zippers everywhere (toiletry bag, suitcase, backpack). They come in really handy all the time and this way they are always at your fingertips.

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  3. I heard some really good things about Argan Oil. On our way to Essaouira, there was a shop selling loads of different products as well as a nice little coffee shop. I was surprised at how much stuff it’s used in!

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