Pretty Winchester~ photo blog.

The second of a quartet of posts about Winchester, England.

I hadn’t been to Winchester in many years and was surprised how much I came away loving this place. With an extended English summer The Grey Traveller has been making the most and getting out and about the south coast. Summery blooms and baskets are still much in evidence in Winchester despite the fact we are half way through September and there are already a few autumnal leaves blowing in the gutter. It seems that many English towns pick a colour or theme for their flowers and Winchester is no exception to this, baskets of blooms are in abundance so well done to the council for establishing them and maintaining, they do you proud.

The pretty Minster House and what I believe to be Alms Houses have also done their bit to embrace and hold on to summer with  their front gardens still beautiful, I saw several people like me taking photos…. I think it’s because we can’t quite believe that summer is still hanging on here on the south coast.

What at I particularly liked about Winchester was the fact that you can enjoy a riverside walk (Itchen) right there in the centre of the city, there are plenty of benches to rest and it links nicely to some of the historic parts of the city and is right by the oldest visible part of the city wall.

In keeping with the city many of the houses backing onto the river hinted at old fashioned gardens with roses peeking over the wall and through some of the gates. I especially liked the houses with the steep inclines leading down to the water.

With vintage being vogue and sun still evident several tea shops had fifties style painted chairs out on pavements obviously these chairs have had an updo  as no rust in sight in this upscale lush little city.

With prettiness the theme of my photos I make no apology for mentioning the Arty Bollards again, they make an otherwise usual greeting to a cathedral area quite mind blowing as they edge the tiny square and are an absolute delight, I certainly didn’t expect to rub knees with the Mona Lisa!

I’m hoping that Winchester will still be vibrant and colourful in winter and can not wait to get back, cheers for making my day!

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