How to kill time on an American road trip! ~ The number (license) plate game!

image.jpegOk so it’s the small things that make me smile or maybe its the kid in this old Grey Traveller but as an English woman abroad in the US I have always been in awe of the size of the country and how diverse each state is. I love the fact that the car license plates are so colourful and often an insight into the identity and individuality of the state that the plate represents……. for example the oranges on the Florida number plates.

On our recent road trip #HoustontoMiami we had several long trips, Houston to Nottoway, New Orleans to Kiva Shores, Kiva Shores to St Augustine and finally Clermont to Miami. OK so us English think anything over 100 miles is a long trip so maybe some of you Americans are sniggering! The journeys in America are made easier by the long straight roads and the regular comfort stops available but there are still many miles of nothingness to cover!

So four grown adults invented the license plate game where we had to see a plate for each state. One of our number said he would give me $50 for an Alaskan plate and $100 for a Hawaii plate! Well in the three weeks we achieved 36 different states which included a sighting of two Alaskans! Job done and much merriment!


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