Cajun Shepherd’s Pie


Just occasionally The Grey Traveller is inspired by travels to cook something up at home. This time it was a Cajun Shepherd’s Pie inspired by my visit to the famous Pat O’Briens on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

I didn’t have one of the famous Hurricane cocktails but I did have a refreshing gin fizz mixed to perfection in the bar whilst we waited for our table.IMG_3177

The lovely James with the curly mane served our table and cracked a raft of jokes and helped my party to choose our meals. I had the Cajun Shepherd’s pie and was not disappointed. Many American servings are way too big for us English but this pie was just right after a day walking the French Quarter in the rain.

….and so at home I’m very much a throw it all in type of cook. So here is what I used.

Olive oil

Minced beef

Red Onion chopped

Red and Orange Peppers chopped

Maris Piper potatoes


Strong cheddar cheese

Schwartz Cajun Spices


Gravy granules

I softened the red onion in the oil, then added the peppers and fried for about ten minutes on a low heat. Then added the mince and fried slowly until all brown. I always put this mix into a colander to get rid of excess fat and then return to frying pan adding the passata. (If you need more liquid add gravy granules and boiling water). Put into a covered casserole dish into a low oven and leave all afternoon!

An hour and a half before needing to eat, boil and mash potatoes until fluffy adding plenty of butter. Spread evenly onto meat mixture and smother with grated cheese and an even sprinkling of the cajun spices. Leave in oven on slightly higher temperature for about 45 minutes, we ate ours with baked beans and frozen peas…delicious and thank you Pat Obriens for the inspiration. If you get the chance to try the real thing you will also see the famous fountains in O’Briens courtyard.




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