Saving Bees in the UK

This is not strictly a Grey Traveller tale but one I’m sure will be of interest in many corners of the globe. In the UK we are being reminded from time to time that our bees are at risk. We all know that if we lose our bees we lose the process of pollination, we […]

Just a few hours in Oxford?

If you are on the ‘overseas tour’ and find yourself with only a few hours in Oxford don’t despair, you can get a true taste if you pick the right route round the city! This guide will take in a handful of colleges, some unusual shops and cafes and the river. You will feel all […]

Oxford and bikes!

Bicycles are synonymous with Oxford, they are everywhere! They are the go to method of transport for many. It’s aways been a cheap way for students to get around town from digs to college and now I’m sure many locals use them to avoid traffic congestion. Walking round the city I saw lots of signs […]

Mekong Delta Trip from Saigon.

It’s been a year and yes I miss Vietnam…. in fact I miss Asia big time as it hasn’t been on my travel schedule this year….. but hey here’s one post I missed so humour me and read this whilst I wallow in my memories of a great day out. Les Rives Experiences collected us from […]

Cu Chi Tunnels – Saigon, Vietnam.

Only being a young child when the Vietnam War was raging I had to admit my knowledge about it was very slim. However our guide ‘Kitty Kat’ made sure we enjoyed our day, learned about the area and went away understanding a little more about what the locals called ‘The American War’. We were collected […]

Malawi ~ the warm heart of Africa.

Many say that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa and I can now understand why. Tucked down south between Mozambique and Zambia most people arrive via Johannesburg and step out onto the rich orange earth of Malawi and into the hearts of the local people. I stayed at the Kumwamba centre which is run […]

Brendan Rendall – #runMalawi

Who – Brendan Rendall  with the support of Emma Timmis both adventurers both keen to help others. What – Brendan Rendall has run the length of Malawi and Emma has supported him by cycling alongside. Where – Malawi is in Africa, a place in much need of our help, where many children have little to wear or eat and […]