Entry requirements for Malawi

October 2015 and a change of entry requirements for Malawi. For UK citizens and many others it’s now necessary to obtain a visa, this is what you do- Go to Malawi High Commission website and download blank visa form and complete before you go. This will save a great deal of time at entry airport. Get […]

#runmalawi~Brendan Rendall update.

He’s only gone and done it!!!!! Brendan Rendall adventurer, runner, fundraiser and all round good egg has raised £20,000 and he hasn’t even started the epic run that is 650 miles down the length of Malawi. Brendan an Ordnance Survey #Getoutside Champion  and a Discovery Channel UK #MYWB Winner  arrived in this small African country a week […]

Emma Timmis – truly an inspiration!

Ok so I’m jealous this young woman is getting around the world more than I am……..but she is doing it literally on her own two feet whereas as I like a roof over my head and a little lux travel now and then. She puts in the hard work and she is doing it for […]

Brendan Rendall in Malawi

I had the privilege of meeting the determined Brendan Rendall  and Emma Timmis in Mulanje, Malawi as they prepare for Brendan’s epic run  in support of Friends of Mulanje Orphans Starting soon Brendan intends running twenty five marathons in twenty five days from the north to the south raising funds for Friends of Malawi. His friend Emma also […]

Blantyre airport, (Chileka) Malawi.

Not very big, Arrivals is not much bigger than a community hall, with about 4 passport control queues and one for visa entry. Small area to complete visa form. As you go through passport control you can see your bags on the small carousel and these are offloaded for you. At Departures as you enter […]

Edward Moon’s Brasserie ~ Stratford Upon Avon

The Grey Traveller and he who likes to think he is obeyed had a stopover in Stratford for one night only. We know the town relatively well and wanted to eat somewhere new as the Lazy Cow on the bridge sadly is no more. We did the circuit and Edward Moon jumped right out at us! Very centrally […]

the ABC of Malta or 26 reasons why to visit.

A is for Anchor Bay where Popeye the movie was filmed, great place to take kids. B is for the Blue Grotto, one of Malta’s top places to visit. C is for Comino an island just off the main island and home to the Blue Lagoon. D is for Dingli cliffs, a quiet place and […]