Why I chose a riad to stay at in Marrakech

What is a riad? ~ a rather grand traditional Moroccan house. Where are they located in Marrakech? ~ usually in the old city. Why would a traveller be interested in a riad?~ Many riads have been converted to luxury accommodation offering an authentic taste of the area. Where can I find one to stay at? ~ Usual search […]

5 and 1/2 reasons why I liked Boston!

Beautiful Boston, I knew less about you than I did your brash flash sister New York but your memories live on…..am I the only one to love you more than NYC? Here’s why.. 1   Boston is very much a compact walkable city especially if you are staying central. The Grey Traveller stayed at The Langham in Franklin Street just […]

Swaggering in Tombstone

Walking down Main Road, Tombstone in mid August alone and parching I could be forgiven for thinking I could hear the crack of boot on gravel, the whisper of a desert wind on swinging bar doors and the swish of cheap satin. Only mad dogs and English women go out in the mid day Arizona sun […]

The Chambers ~ Portsmouth

I do not usually review restaurants and hotels on my travel blog but for The Chambers I am going to make an exception! Located in Landport Terrace conveniently on the cusp of Portsmouth city slash Old Portsmouth slash Southsea with nearby parking this genteel eating house and bar is a breath of fresh air in this day […]

New name for blog

Further to my recent deliberations about a new name I am now strongly in favour of swapping from The Grey Traveller to Dawn ~ Finding The World. Any feedback greatly received.

Travelling and climate change.

Being a geographer and older traveller the subject of climate change keeps popping up, quite frankly its hardly likely to go away. It’s on the political agenda, it frequents the newspaper headlines and here in England we are waiting for summer or did we have it the other day? Certainly we are experiencing earlier springs […]

Chao Phraya – lifeblood of Bangkok

Many settlements have grown up round the bends and meanders of a powerful river due to the transportation prospects and fertile land. So many of the cities we visit now have these strong rivers flowing through and yes they are still the lifeblood and often the very soul of a place….none more so than the […]