Are you a travelista?

Are you a travelista? I think I am! Definition of travelista – someone who travels and likes to make lists, then gets great satisfaction from ticking those lists recreates new lists I have lists of where I have been, where I want to go to (and that list just keeps getting longer!) lists of things […]

The Pullman Hotel, Danang, Vietnam

Can’t give you much about Danang as it was The Grey Traveller’s two night layover for rest and recuperation on a Cambodia slash Vietnam trip. What I do know is it is close to the region formerly known as DMZ the demilitarised zone during the Vietnam war dividing North and South of the country. Well of course […]

Aswan – it’s not just about the dam!

    Having Abdul our local guide show us around his home town was a highlight of our Nile cruise with Sonesta.  We kicked off with a small granite climb to see the unfinished obelisk that Ancient Egyptians had patiently started to cut out of a rock face and which they believed to be the largest of its […]

A walk round Hoi An, Vietnam.

Touch down in Hoi An after an internal flight from Saigon to Danang and restless to stretch my ageing Grey Traveller legs I walked into Hoi An old quarter via the river route. The Grey Traveller was staying at the Essence Hotel on the outskirts of the town and my room overlooked the paddy fields. A road led down […]